Eddie’s Priorities


Saving Taxpayers Money and Eliminating Waste

Maricopa County Assessor Eddie Cook is restoring trust and accountability to the office.

There’s a reason why he was unanimously appointed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in February 2020 over 10 other Republican applicants – leadership, experience and a track record of delivering results.

Since taking over as your County Assessor, Eddie is:

    • Saving Taxpayers Money – $2 million this fiscal year through the implementation of zero-based, priority-based budgeting practices

    • Eliminating Waste – ended an unnecessary renters’ fee that had been in place since 2008

Eddie is delivering results as your County Assessor just like he did while serving on the Gilbert Town Council.

Some of his accomplishments on the Town Council include:

    • Reducing the property tax rates multiple times over nine years.

    • Eliminating four business tax categories to help small business thrive.

    • Protecting First and Second amendment rights.

During his 9+ years on the Town Council, Gilbert provided an exceptional level of customer service to the public at the lowest cost to the taxpayer.

As your County Assessor, Eddie Cook will continue putting taxpayers first.

Improving Quality of Service and Efficiency

Upon taking over earlier this year, he discovered the County Assessor’s office to be structurally and operationally a mess.

What has Eddie done so far? He’s made significant strides in transforming the office into a high performance, best-in-class operation.

What’s his goal for the office? To provide top notch service at the lowest cost to the taxpayer.

In addition to improving the quality of service, Eddie’s team was recently awarded the National Association of Counties 2020 National Achievement Award based on business efficiency
improvements using Lean Six Sigma private sector practices in government.

The public has the right to expect their county leaders to be a public servant that is trustworthy, responsive, accountable and transparent.

And that is exactly the type of leader Eddie Cook is.

Implementing Project MARS (Maricopa Assessment Replacement System)

Using his background in IT, Eddie Cook is modernizing and restoring Project MARS, a major software project.

Implementing Project MARS will be a huge technology upgrade for the County Assessor’s office as they are currently using technology dated back from 1992.

Since his appointment in February 2020, Eddie Cook and his team are executing initiatives to implement Project MARS that will lead to a significant technology upgrade for the office.