Eddie’s Endorsements

John Giles, Mayor of Mesa

Eddie Cook has served the taxpayers of Mesa well and I support his continued leadership as County Assessor. He has the experience and integrity needed to make sure our homes are assessed fairly.”

Kevin Hartke, Mayor of Chandler

As a person of faith who has worked for the non-profit community to help people with challenges, I can see Eddie is also motivated by service to those in our community who need our help. He truly is serving the public for the right reasons and has made the sacrifices necessary to engage in public life.

I wholeheartedly endorse Eddie Cook. “

Jenn Daniels, Mayor of Gilbert

“No matter the assignment … he has brought expertise and humility and excelled in bringing solutions forward, collaborating for high quality outcomes and working with others.”

Jim Lane, Mayor of Scottsdale

Eddie and I share similar conservative positions and I’ve been very pleased with his leadership and abilities to build consensus within our communities.  Eddie was recently appointed as our Maricopa County Assessor in a 5-0 vote of the Supervisors and now is running for the same position. I wholeheartedly support Eddie in this new leadership role and hope you do as well.”

Cathy Carlat, Mayor of Peoria

When I heard Eddie Cook was appointed to the position of Maricopa County Assessor, I breathed a sigh of relief. That position had been tarnished and needed to be restored by someone with high integrity.  I knew the right person for the job was Eddie Cook, an intensely honest, intelligent, collaborative leader. He is an excellent choice as our County Assessor. I hope you will join me in supporting Eddie, the perfect fit for this important role.

Scott Anderson, Mayor of Gilbert

Empathetic, diligent, civility, and fairness to all. These are traits I have seen firsthand from Eddie while serving with him on our Town Council. I am honored to support Eddie to continue being our Maricopa County Assessor.

Gali Barney, Mayor of Queen Creek

I have known Eddie Cook for many years as he has served on the Gilbert Town Council. I know Eddie to be a man of honor, integrity, and moral character, and am happy to support him to continue as the Maricopa County Assessor.

Jack Sellers, Maricopa County Supervisor

As a member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, I was very pleased to see Eddie Cook put his name in to be considered for appointment to the open position of County Assessor. Eddie‘s education and experience was a great fit for the current needs of the assessors office and consequently he was selected unanimously by the Board to fill that position. Now it’s important to keep Eddie in this position to continue the outstanding work he has started. With his integrity, dedication and commitment to public service, Eddie Cook is the right choice for Maricopa County Assessor.”

Bill Gates, Maricopa County Supervisor

Like has been said about Jon Kyl, Eddie Cook is a workhorse not a show horse.  He is focused on bringing integrity and efficiency to the Assessor’s Office.  He has dug into the details of the office and has been a partner with Board of Supervisors during a period of unprecedented challenges in Maricopa County.

Steve Chucri, Maricopa County Supervisor

I have known Eddie Cook for several years and am proud of the talent, integrity and hard work he has brought to the Maricopa County Assessor’s office. I am pleased to support him for this office and encourage you to do the same on August 4th.

Clint Hickman, Maricopa County Supervisor – District 4

First and foremost, I would like to echo my fellow peers as they have been so supportive of Eddie and the fact now that he has made radical improvements to the Assessor’s office in his first 100 days. His years of public service and keen business sense make him the perfect leader as our Maricopa County Assessor.

Debbie Lesko, Arizona House of Representatives – 8th District

“Since taking over as County Assessor, Eddie Cook has delivered. From saving taxpayers money and eliminating waste to improving service and efficiencies, Eddie is getting the job done. It’s important that we retain Eddie so he can continue his efforts restoring trust and accountability to the Assessor’s office.”

Jim Hayden, Chair

“Ethical, loyal, committed, servant. These are the four pillars I think of when it comes to Eddie. I was thrilled when he told me he was appointed to be our Maricopa County Assessor and it was a unanimous vote of the Supervisors, what an accomplishment. Eddie is the perfect leader to move our Assessors office into the future. Being an IT expert and having served our community tirelessly for the past 10 years as an elected Vice Mayor and Councilman in Gilbert, Eddie will deliver on what it takes to make the office truly top-notch. Having chaired Eddie’s campaigns in the past, I was honored when he asked me to chair his current campaign to be elected into the role this year. Please join my friend and our County Assessor in getting him elected!”

Rick Gray, Senate Majority Leader LD 21

It is essential our Maricopa County Assessor is capable, competent, and has the proven leadership capacity to run this office. Over the years Eddie Cook has exemplified those traits. He has those capabilities and years of conservative leadership that have benefited his community, which is why I wholeheartedly support Eddie Cook to be retained as our Maricopa County Assessor.

Governor Jan Brewer

Eddie Cook‘s providing much-needed leadership and experience to the Maricopa County Assessor’s office. In a short time as our Assessor, he’s transforming the office into a high-quality, best-in-class operation. Eddie‘s character, integrity and constituent first focus are bringing trust and accountability back to the Assessor’s office

Governor Doug Ducey

During tough times, having a strong team of elected officials to work with at every level of government makes a real difference. Eddie Cook provides the leadership we need in the Maricopa County Assessor’s office. Please join me in voting for Eddie Cook.

Joe Geusic, East Valley Education Advocate

Eddie Cook is one of those rare individuals that are willing to serve his community and actually has the experience and ability to do that from day one. He is a fiscally responsible conservative that leans on his over 30 years of private sector experience and applies that to the oversight of the people’s business in the public sector. Eddie does this to ensure that the enterprise that he is tasked to oversee is run effectively and efficiently today, tomorrow, and far into the future for the sake of everyone.

I am proud to endorse Eddie Cook for Maricopa County Assessor because I am confident that we will experience similar results as he has accomplished in serving the Town of Gilbert for the past 10 years, and serving the people of Arizona via an appointment by Board of Supervisors.

Congressman Andy Biggs and his wife Cindy

“Man of faith. Conservative. Dedicated public servant with integrity. These are the reasons we are proud to endorse our friend, Eddie Cook for Maricopa County Assessor.

Eddie is a champion of the taxpayer with a proven track record of lowering property tax rates, eliminating business taxes and fees, and protecting our first and second amendment rights. Join us in voting to retain Eddie Cook as our Maricopa County Assessor.”

Congressman David Schweikert

“Competent, fair, and committed, Eddie Cook is our clear choice to lead the Maricopa County Assessor’s office.”