1. Restoring honor, integrity and trust back to the Assessor’s Office.

2. Transforming the office to become a high-performance, efficient and effective team adopting best-in-class corporate business practices, while providing the highest quality of service at the lowest cost to the taxpayer.

3. Initiated for the first time in the Assessor’s office, a Zero-Based/Priority Based business budget practice. We will save $2 million dollars.

4. I discovered an unnecessary renter’s fee that the Assessor’s office collected from those property owners that have rental properties. This fee has been in place since 2008. I made an executive decision to eliminate this fee.

5. Last week the Assessor’s office received a national award from the National Association of Counties. We won the NACo 2020 Achievement Award for a business efficiency improvement using “Lean Six Sigma” private sector practices in Government.

6. Using my professional business leadership in IT, I’m modernizing and restoring a major software project that has been behind schedule for the 5-years.

7. Creating a “One Team” culture that is focused on customer service.

8. Was the first Maricopa County office to have the ability for all 100% of staff work remotely and still meet our constitutional obligations and service to the public due to COVID-19.

9. I’ve initiated a foundational business approach to begin building our 5-year Strategic Business Plan.